The short take...

We're enjoying a crazy summer (already), before Kate starts Kindergarten (ALREADY!!?) this fall. Our kids are so much fun, and we are SO blessed!

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March 11, 2008

By way of keeping you up-to-date with Honey's condition, here's an e-mail dad sent out almost a week ago (5 March):
Again thank you for all your prayers. We have settled into a comfortable situation at home. When we first got home, we lost a little ground the first week with us really expecting a passing last Saturday morning. That afternoon however, she began a little rally and has maintained that through tonight. She sleeps well all night and then is awake and quite responsive during the day. On several days (today being one of them) she is able to walk (with a great amount of help in balance) across the living room and sit up in her chair for several hours. She is drinking a fair amount of water and a small amount of protein drink.

We have to remember that we are home under hospice care and can only expect that end (maybe in a few weeks rather than a few days). However with the rally there is a glimmer of hope in healing and continued work towards that end. We are reminded that each good day is another blessing and we are very thankful for each and every one of them. Mom sends her love to each and every one of you that have asked to be reminded to her.

Since that e-mail, she has done nothing but get stronger - they've been taking her for 'walks' clear around the block in her wheelchair, and though she gets tired, she's spending much of her day awake, reading or watching TV - often even sitting up in her chair. She's eating foods closer to solids now and has had very few spasm 'episodes' recently, but everyone's worried that she's still not getting enough protein to maintain this rally indefinitely. Still, the extra time with her has been a real blessing, and she loves watching Kate play on the ground up there when we visit.

And on the subject of Kate (you knew it had to come around, right?), she's started doing a little 'inchworm' move to get to who or what she wants to - so close to crawling, but she always keeps at least one hand as an anchor, so she hasn't done a real 'crawl' yet. But when she wants, she'll get up on her knees, lean forward and lunge forward onto her chest again, moving a few inches at a time. Up at Papa and Honey's the other day, she made it halfway across their living room in the course of 30 minutes or so!

Well, we'll keep you posted on new developments, and we'll get those pictures we promised uploaded soon! Hope to hear from you all soon!