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We're enjoying a crazy summer (already), before Kate starts Kindergarten (ALREADY!!?) this fall. Our kids are so much fun, and we are SO blessed!

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December 10, 2007

Well, Kate's more than four months old - amazing! Just over a year ago, we were getting our first ultrasound. She's done a LOT of growing in a year (you know, from just a few cells)! :-) She's now 24 1/2" long and more than 15 lbs! Last week we were gone each evening, mainly at dress rehearsals for the Christmas production at church. It really messed all of us up - Copper has taken to scattering the contents of our bedroom trash cans around when we're gone for the evening, and for a while Kate had stopped taking a bottle from anyone from Kyla - she had serious mommy sickness! So we spent last night after the final performance doting on Kate and petting Copper, and we're on our way back to our lives that we love. Except for Kyla today - she fell sick after the stress and busy-ness of last week. She should be doing better soon - it's 'just' a head-cold as far as she can tell, but that's certainly no fun!

Well, in other news, the turnout was great for the Christmas production - 4th service only had 28 empty seats, and that realizing that it wasn't a holiday weekend, and this weekend marked our first real storm of winter! That's right, it's officially

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weather! In fact, we're due for up to 20 inches by tomorrow night - and we've probably got around 6-8 already since this weekend! It's really a winter wonderland - it's wonderful.

And if you don't know, Kate continues to get the hang of more and more skills - first she started rolling over about 2 week ago (back to front and front to back), and she's even giggling fairly often and gets excited over us popping into view a lot. Last night, Kyla brought her down from a nap and she fixated on her jumper and wouldn't stop looking at it until Kyla put her in it, at which point she got super excited and started going nuts jumping - she's so cute. She did great with her 4-month shots, and generally she just continues to spoil her parents in every way possible.

Other friends-related news - one of my best friend growing up and his wife just gave birth to their first - a daughter. They sent us a text and a pix - she looks so cute! We wish them all the best, and we'll be talking to you guys soon! Welcome to the world Abigail!!! Also, please keep praying for our friends whose daughter is having all the health issues - they're back in town now, but she's still having lots of problems - complications from her first surgery at the very least. They'd really appreciate your prayers still.

And on the track of health prayers, please be praying for my grandma - she's been having lots of blood-pressure and balance problems recently and could really use your prayers. All her kids will be in town for Christmas, so that'll be fun for her and should really help, but she just hates that she's not being everything she's used to doing - we'd all appreciate your prayers for her.

Well, I think that's about it - I've been working on the website a bit, though it's not obvious yet. Soon all the pictures should be available to you if you're using FireFox, Opera (Wii) or Safari as well. Hope everyone is doing great! Sign our guestbook, and we'll see you next time!